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Alexander Harr
Theaterschuhe Tanzschuhe

Schubertstrasse 30
88214 Ravensburg

Telefon 0751 2 61 57
Telefax 0751 2 61 63
Mobil 0171 5 32 46 36

eMail: mail@harr-shoes.com
Internet: www.harr-shoes.com


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General terms and conditions for our online shop

General terms and conditions

1. The delivery of the available goods is always effected on the customer's account and risk.

2. Costs for packing and dispatch as well as any additional costs will be carried by the customer. For the dispatch, we will always choose the cheapest mode.

3. In the case of special requests like e. g. urgent deliveries, the additional costs will be charged to the customer.

4. For private customers, the Harr company will be pleased to send the order against advance payment (dispatch will be effected immediately upon receipt of payment).

5. Purchase orders must be effected in written form (by post, fax or e-mail).

6. For the return of goods by the customer, the customer has to pay the costs for the dispatch.

7. On principle, shipments sent „freight collect“ will not be accepted!

8. If we return goods to our customers e. g. for approval or try-on, we will charge at least 5.00 € for additional effort as well as costs for dispatch if necessary.

9. The goods are only taken back in the original packing. In the case of return, the original packing of the goods must not be spoiled by adhesive tape, marking or other.

10. Until the complete settlement, the goods delivered remain property of the Harr company.

11. Until the complete settlement, the customer is bound to treat the goods carefully and to keep them in his possession. It is expressly prohibited to include the goods in a contract or agreement.

12. Return or exchange of goods possible within 8 days, if the goods are unworn and in good order and condition. Not possible for e. g. tights or underwear.

13. For custom-made products, the exchange is generally impossible.

14. Goods sent for selection has to be returned within one week upon receipt, if the customer does not wish to buy the goods. (In order to keep this term, the return in due time is sufficient.)

15. All prices are plus VAT as well as costs for packing and dispatch.

16. In special cases, a quantity discount can be granted after agreement with the Harr company.

17. If the payment deadline is excessed, the quantity discount will no longer be valid. Then, the usual prices are in effect.

18. In the case of repeated delay of payment, further deliveries will be effected only against payment in advance.

19. The vendor's offers are not binding.

20. In the case of a customer's complaint, the Harr company reserves the right for amendment.

21. The vendor is only liable for intentional and gross negligence.

22. Place of fulfillment and jurisdiction is Ravensburg.

23. Data security: Of course, all personal data will be treated confidentially and not be passed to third parties.

Ravensburg, 08.02.2008

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